A Sad, Sad, Toothless Day.

What a beautiful afternoon it was.  I thought I would be "the best mom EVER" again and take the kids to the park to ride bikes after Carli got off the bus.  We weren't going to stay long.  Reese was at home just down for her nap.
I visited with my friend Jennifer for a few minutes, and then we started rounding up the kids to head home.  Nate went one way, and Carli started off the other.  Before I could ask her to stop and come the same way as Nate, she was down.  She took the corner so fast and so sharp.  (Almost like a speed skater in the Olympics)  I saw it happen, and I knew it wasn't going to be good.
As I ran over and saw the amount of blood, I knew I needed help.  I yelled at Jennifer, and the neighbor across the street said she could help.  So she ran over and Jennifer went to find Nate (oblivious, and still heading home).  We somehow managed to get Carli across the street and into the bathroom to wash up.  I had no idea where she had hit and where all the blood was coming from.  It was her mouth.  We didn't need stitches, and I wasn't sure what all had happened in her mouth but knew we would need to at least head out to my moms for her expert nursing opinion. (and Dr. Couch is 3 minutes from her house)
And yes...Chad was out of town.
Jennifer helped me round up the kids and get all our stuff back home.  Brave Carli had calmed down quite a bit  (she even wanted Ava to come in to see her room!)  I loaded up PJs, bottles, silkies, drinks and headed out the door.  Chad was calling the dentist, so they knew we were on our way.
Carli was terrified of what was about to come.  She didn't want them to touch, poke or hardly look her way.  She heard me tell my mom we would have to see the dentist and she said, "nope.  Im not going.  No, no no no No!  It was such a Carli thing to say, I couldn't help but smile.  I had mom bring Mr. Mark for back up, in case we needed to drag her in the door kicking and screaming.

It was a long afternoon at the dentist.  The first challenge was getting an X-ray, the next challenge, getting a bigger X-ray.  And the most dramatic one...letting the dentist feel inside her mouth to make sure there wasn't anything else going on, broken or chipped.
Her tooth was definitely gone.  For now there was nothing to do but wait and let it heal.  The next concern was her teeth next to it.  They had been shoved back up her gums, and there was no way of telling if they would come back down or even be viable once they did.

Who knew, that if I had the tooth with me, there was a chance they could reinsert it back into her mouth.  But only if I had rinsed it, kept it in milk and been there within 2hrs.  Crazy.  It wasn't even on my radar to look and find a tooth.  I wasn't even sure what had happened, and because I was worried about the closing time of the dental office, I didn't drive back by the park on my way there.  **Ohh but on the way home we did...and I found it.  Sitting right by the drops of blood.  It was huge.  Root and All.  I was shocked.  Chad suggested I let Carli put it back under her pillow for the tooth fairy to come again.  Thinking that was a great idea, I told Carli when I got back in the car.  Her face dropped.  It hit her.  Her tooth was gone, and it wasn't going to grow back.  She knows you only have 2 teeth, and this was her 2nd set.  She was so sad.  I felt awful.  And we had been in such good spirits until this point.  My poor baby was as she said, "broken".

I tried to talk Carli into staying home from School.  Just to have a day at home, relax, read books, watch movies, eat ice cream, anything.  But she would not do it.  She wanted to go to school.  It was going to be Friday and she was going to buy a smensil (Yup, a smelly pencil).  I tried everything I could to convince
 her to let her friend buy it, to buy one next week, to go in late, to come home at lunch.  But she was fine, and she was going.  So I said peace out!  :)  When I went up to lunch to check on her, she had already told her class all about it and was not happy I didn't bring her tooth to show everyone.  What a crazy girl.

We've take a few pictures to document.  Its so sad though.  So brace yourself if you dare look at the pictures.

Waiting to see the Dentist

A picture when we got home, 5 hrs after the crash

The tooth.  Yuck. 

After 24hrs.  She thinks it it feels all better.  



After 5 years of fun, fourlers, camping, guns, Papa Pablanos, and Hillbilly New Years, we have sold the cabin.  
This was our last trip with just our little family.  We all had such a blast.  We didn't really tell the kids that that would be the last time to be there, they would have been devastated.  We soaked up every minute of fun we could, and then shed a tear when we pulled away for the last time.  

At least for now, we still have Grandma & Grandpas cabin to use.  New Years just won't be the same.  :(


Our Family Pictures. 
aren't we just a beautiful bunch? 




Not sure what it is about Halloween, but I usually don't want to spend any money on costumes.  I haven't been able to figure that out about myself.  My kids LOVE dressing up, and have the best imaginations.  They would love every costume in the book.  But come on.  Some of them are just ridiculously expensive.  So once again, we went the cheap route.  I figured I could splurge and buy some poster board and duct tape.  :)

A paper doll and operation!  So clever I thought.  We had tons of fun at the Empey's party.

My pretty little ghost.  She throughly enjoyed eating her skirt.

This was the best.  :) The boys had jet packs.  Its a total costume copout I know.  Nate and Kyle spent hours playing with them and had them pretty well destroyed at least twice before halloween.  Carli and I were twiners.  Naturally, hers is blue...its her favorite color (for now).



Ms. Janette(my good friend and kids preschool teacher) has me hooked on canning.  There is just something about a pantry full of food that I just love.  It has been great to spend a girls nights together at the excuse of doing something so productive.  I have learned a ton.  Its been well worth the late hours, messy house, and crazy kids.  

So far we have made (in no particular order)...
Pineapple, salsa, peaches, mango salsa, tomatoes, orange marmalade, apple pie filling, roasted bell peppers, marinara sauce, roasted tomatillo salsa, pears, BBQ sauce, and probably a few others that Im forgetting about.  

We have ended up having so many join our little canning group, we have had to can mass amounts.  180 to be exact on the apple pie filling.  But who wouldn't want 50 jars of that in their closet?  :)


1st Sunday with Reese

This was a big deal.  We got up, got ready, and even had time to take some family pictures.  Im sure this is not going to be the case in the future.


Ice Skating

For the summer, we put Carli in ice skating lessons at the mall!  I thought it was something that I could somehow manage with 3 other kids in tow.  We did it!  Not for very long, but we did.  The kids loved watching her and she thought she was a pro by the end of the summer.  She even moved up to a bigger class because she was doing so well.  
Go Carli!